Monday, March 21, 2011

An Appreciation

Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc. would like to acknowledge the following for their contributions for Cabin Fever Reliever 2011:


Trapper Creek PTA, Trapper Creek Library Association, Trapper Creek Rescue, Trapper Creek Ambulance, Trapper Creek Community Council Sign Committee,
St. Phillip’s Catholic Church, Trapper Creek Elementary Students, Trapper Creek Oral History Project, Allan Ruhter, George & Kay Faerber, Diane Bee, Virginia Smith, Mary Anna Jurasek, Klondike &Toni Hughes, Ginny Robson, Dave Rittenburgh, Nick Smoljan, Terry Johnson, Lynn Moore, George Menard, Levi Miller, Terri Nakutis, Val Welsh, Kelly Thompson, Robert Lybert, Robin Watkins, Klaus Lerch, Adam & Terilynn Dyrud, Don Pelletier, Tom Michaud, Doug Garrison, Brad Rich, Crystal Garrett, Michele McCullough, Julie DeLoach, Sariah Naff, Brandon Watkins, Paul Thomas, Dewey Thompson, Luke Lester, Tim Smeltzer, Kaitlin Hughes, Roz Daniels, Sandra May, Fred Agree, Lousia Wissen, Dove Daniels, Rick Ernst, Tony Jurasek Jr., Martin Bee, Jennie Earles, Steve Strong, Hallie Strong, Cheyenne Strong, Red Cooney, Paula Glenka, Lon McCullough, Janel Porterfield, Lorna Corona, Tom Daniels, Ben & Hootie Daniels, PJ, Eric, Dylan, and Steve with apologies for anyone omitted.


Trapper Creek B & B, Northland Inn, Angela’s Heaven, Wal*Mike’s, Sunshine Health Center, Trapper Creek Inn, Alaska Railroad, Trapper Creek Trading Post, Crowley’s Fuel, Trapper Creek Fireweed Arts Council, Knik Knack Mud Shack, Janel’s Greenhouse, The Other Place, Mahay’s Riverboat Service, Sandra May, Vicky Watson, McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, Trapper Creek Soap Company, Tundra Rose Nursery, Northland Fishing Adventures, Steve Jones, Merlin Outfitters, D & S Road Services, Club Paris, Bear Tooth Grill, Alaska Sealife Center, Satellite TV Systems, Freddy the Signtist, Alaska Excavation, KTNA Radio, Alaskan Ponies, and Custom Canvas.


Angela’s Heaven, The Other Place, Wal*Mikes,
Trapper Creek Library, Trapper Creek Trading Post, & Trapper Creek Inn

Thank You!