Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fireweed Festival Announcement

    We are happy to announce that Trapper Creek Community Services Assoc., Inc. (TCCSA) and the former Trapper Creek Fireweed Arts Council have joined forces.  With the two organizations using the Community Park facilities for festivals, one in the summer and one in the winter; both organizations having the majority of members in common; and each with the same goals to benefit Trapper Creek, it is not only a great idea, but efficient to combine resources and work together as one non-profit organization.  
     The Fireweed Festival Committee of TCCSA, with many of the same people who have organized the festival with the best of care and success for ten years, is hard at work preparing for the 11th Annual Trapper Creek Fireweed Arts Festival on Saturday, July 16, 2016.
       If you would like more information, the Fireweed Festival Committee can be contacted at 907-733-7377 or 907-733-3773 by email at  or through the Facebook page of the Fireweed Arts Council.
     TCCSA:   907-733-7375 or email
Sincerely,  Board of Directors of TCCSA