Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trapper Creek Community Services

Trapper Creek Community Enrichment

Happy New Year to all!!! What a great first semester we have had at TC Community Enrichment. We are, as always, looking for instructors that would like to share your talents with us! That is what's so wonderful about our area, it is rich in those with hidden knowledge.

Jane Shaw is making a BEAUTIFUL quilt with her sewing ladies in our sewing class. This quilt is to be raffled off at this years Cabin Fever Reliever. Come join these talented ladies Monday nights 7-9pm. Volleyball is going ever so strong Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9pm . We have brought back Movie night to our community every Friday 6-8pm. Movie is free, concessions sold on site. As always our strongest activity is Open Gym/Roller Blading Saturdays 5-7pm. As you probably know, ALL of our classes and activities are held at our community's local school, Trapper Creek Elementary. This building is the pride of our town and should be shared by all. A big thank you to Chris Hagar, our Principal, for his support of this program and overall support of our future leaders (kids!).

Now that we are on the slide toward Spring, Gardening Classes are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would LOVE to have someone that is all knowing when it comes to perserving those wonderful goodies from our harvest. Let me know!!!

Take care and see you at one of the classes. Amy Jurasek- Community Enrichment Coordinator-733-2640