Monday, April 01, 2013

Cabin Fever Reliever 2013, Trapper Creek, Alaska


     The 26th Annual Cabin Fever Reliever held at the Trapper Creek Park on March 16, 2013 was made possible by the contributions of many volunteers and generous businesses from the Upper Susitna Valley to Anchorage, Alaska. 

Lady of Cabin Fever 2013
Jenny Earles

T-Shirt Design
Dove Daniels

Ski Race
John Aldon

Chili Cook-Off
Best Overall, Diane Bee
Spiciest, Diane Bee
Best Mild, Donna Thompson

Robin Watkins

Adult, Judy Rittenburgh
Child, Leira Sherman

Pie Eating
Younger, Sierra Gudmundson
Older, John Alton

Bake-Off Pies
First, Rocelyn Daniels
Second, Diane Bee
Third, Shawn Strong

Bake-Off Cakes, Child
Tabby Wakins

Bake-Off Cakes, Adult
First, Diane Bee
Second, Shawn Strong
Third, Earl Theroux
Fourth, Paula Glenka

Bake-Off Cookies
First, Diane Bee
Second, Joanne Porterfield

Bake-Off Bread
First, Becky Bay

Trapper Creek Oral History Project Exhibit
Marino and Carol Sik, Earl Theroux, Lon McCullough

Art Exhibit
Debbie Filter

Cooking at the Grill
Tom Daniels, Lorna Butts

Snow Removal
Clint Robson, Tom Michaud and John White

Cabin Fever Reliever Committee
Rocelyn Daniels, Paula Glenka, Toni Hughes,
Tom Michaud, Mary Smith, Robin Watkins,
John White, Lon McCullough

T-Shirts Orders and Sales
Paula Glenka

Trapper Creek Library Assoc. Refreshment Stand
Jenny Earles, George and Kay Faerber

Trapper Creek Ambulance and Rescue
Francine Bennis, George Menard, Lynn Moore

Alaskan Pony Rides
Sariah Asher

Dog Sled Rides
Juliah Deloach

Custom Canvas Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska

     The Board, Directors and Members of Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc. would like to extend our sincere recognition and appreciation to the following for their help and support this year.  Cabin Fever Reliever would not be possible without these fine individuals and organizations.


Alaskan Ponies, Dylan Annis, Sariah Asher, Scott Anderson, Melanie Bakker, Becky Bay, Francine Bennis, Diane Bee, Jimmy Butts, Lorna Butts, Dove Daniels, Roz Daniels, Tom Daniels, Juliah Deloach, Jennie Earles, George Faerber, Kay Faerber, Debbie Filter, Doug Garrison, Paula Glenka, Katlyn Hughes, Klondike Hughes, Kyrin Hughes, Toni Hughes, Tony Jurasek, Mark K., Rick Leo, Lon McCullough, George Menard, Tom Michaud, Lynn Moore, Don Pelletier, Beverly Porter, Joanne Porterfield, Mike Reynolds, Jena Rich, Clint Robson, Mary Smith, Shawn Stankowitz, Shawn Strong, The Talkeetna Times, Earl Theroux, Donna Thompson, Kelly Thompson, Trapper Creek Ambulance and Rescue, Trapper Creek Community Enrichment, Trapper Creek Elementary School, Trapper Creek Library Association, Trapper Creek Oral History Project, Vern Williams, Brandon Watkins, Robin Watkins, Tabby Watkins, John White, and the Judges for the Chili/Bake Cook-offs.


AK Tire Guy, The Alaska Aces, Alaska Heritage Museum, Alaska Country Store, Alaska Railroad Corporation, Alaska SeaLife Center, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, Angela’s Heaven, Bear Tooth and Moose’s Tooth Grill, Martin and Diane Bee, Carl’s Jr., Conscious Coffee, Cook Inlet Regional Incorporated, Crowley’s Fuel, Cubby’s Marketplace, D & S Road Services, Denali Brewing Company, Denali Touchstone, George Faerber, Glenka Bookkeeping Services, The GuestHouse Inn, Holland—American Princess, Janel Porterfield’s Greenhouse, Kaladi Brother’s Coffee, Mahay’s Riverboat Service, Merlin Outfitters, Moores Tru-Value Hardware, Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Sheldon Air Services, Spenard Building Supply, Sunshine Auto Parts, Sunshine Community Health Center, Talkeetna Gifts and Collectibles, The Other Place, Tokyo Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Trapper Creek Inn, Trapper Creek Trading Post, Wal*Mike’s


Trapper Creek Post Office, Trapper Creek Inn, Trapper Creek Trading Post, Paula Glenka, Wal*Mike’s, Angela’s Heaven, Community Enrichment, The Big Su Lodge, Roz Daniels, Lon McCullough, Toni Hughes, The Other Place, Sunshine Auto Parts, Mary Smith, TCCSA Bingo, and Trapper Creek Library.

All proceeds from Cabin Fever Reliever contribute to the maintenance of Trapper Creek Community Park and Cemetery.