Saturday, March 25, 2006

Trapper Creek Community Services

Memorial Wall
Trapper Creek Community Services plans to build a memorial wall at the Trapper Creek cemetery. Names will be added to the wall to remember citizens who resided in the Trapper Creek area for about 5 years or more and have died. The wall will be concrete and the names will be cut into steel plates that are 4x4ft. Names will be 1 inch high. There will be a roof over the wall to protect the name plates and viewers during inclement weather.
There will be a nomination committee to assure that the names submitted are valid candidates for the memorial wall. They will also assist in the collection of biographical information for the candidates. This information will be recorded in a book (both paper & digital) to include photos where possible and will be kept at the library for public viewing. In addition biographical information will be collected on future candidates that are currently alive and either currently live in Trapper Creek or have moved. This will enable the committee to add names to the wall in the future and not have a lot of missed names.
The initial working list is below. The community is requested to assist by nominating qualified candidates that have been missed. Also, we need biographical information on candidates so please submit any information that you might know about the candidates. If you know family of the candidates see if you can contact them for photos (preferably of when they were in Trapper Creek).
It is expected to have the wall constructed and the names on it before the end of summer. Help us make a memorial that will make everyone proud.
Here is a working list, please help with spelling corrections, furnish missing first or last names, correct us if they still survive and nominate names that we do not have on the list. Your help is appreciated.

Murder Mike ?? Gold Miner Gene ?? Kroto Bill ?? Frank Abfalter Mell Anderson Anna Marie Anderson Joe Bandanza Debora Bandanza Bill Benard Darleen Bendix Sally Bendix Merle Bonnett Linda Bradbury Shorty Bradley Florence Bradley Oly Bruce Jim Bob Bryant Larry Bunker Cieze Bunker Mary Carey Art Casey Verger Cole Vera Davidson Joe Dual Vera Dual James Epps Genie Fox Dick Francis Ray Gatz Grace Gatz George Gray Tom Green Fran Green Wally Grubs ? Grubs Gary Haines Mickie Haines Bert Hale Myra Hale Pete Hasson Rinda Hasson Peter Hasson Perry Hellery Clara Hicock Joe Holsonbeck Jake Jensens Herold Kermic Mike Kotalik Rose Kotalik Ray Kula Burnace Kula Bert Laternau Bess Laturnau Marlyn Marsh Bronwen McCullough Paul McGlophlin Jan McKinsey Jack McQuigg Ralph Morin Gary Muller ?Nelson Randy Olsen Wild Bill Orzechowski Margrett Orzechowski Vera Parris Lue Parris Jackson Perry Matt Porter Earl Ray Nick Rebino Elenor Rebino Riley Roberts Betty Roberts Mary Robson Elmer Rose Billie Rose Chris Rosen Dale Saunders Homer Schelle Roy Shaw Loren Sholtek Earni Simmons Lora Smith Clara Spaulding Bud Stankowitz Judy Stankowitz Frank Sutherland June Sutherland Able Taylor Dave Thompson Jerry Towns Gladys Travesy Reco Trusty Vince Vanderhyde ? Vanderhyde Norman Vaughan Nancy Wasser Dale Watkins Carlos Watland Barb Watland ? Watson June Watson Jay Wier Bruce Wilkerson Mike Young Leynard Zazier

Trapper Creek Recreation Association

Trapper Creek Recreation Association

Spring has sprung with a gusto!!!What b-e-a-utiful weather we are having...puts me in the mood for a.....Easter Egg hunt! Trapper Creek hasn't had one in years....So TCRA will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt with Community Easter Potluck to follow Saturday April 15, 2006. Watch for my posters, fun for the kids. We will probably dye the eggs with kids Friday April 14th, I will follow up with this the beginning of next week. Choir starts back Monday March 27th, 6-7:30 pm. We will have a small song list, and will be performing a few songs at the Easter Potluck. Ready to Join? Call me if you are interested, 733-2649. Our one and only Kay Faerber will be playing piano for us gals (and guys), thanks Kay!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Trapper Creek Community Services

Trapper Creek Community Services
AWESOME....I can't think of any other way to describe it...this years Cabin Fever Reliever was awesome. Congrats goes out to Mrs. Cabin Fever-Lynne Moore. YOU are an inspiration to all of us up and coming gals. I wish there was 1,000,000 of you.:) Miss Crickett Stankowitz holds the honor of receiving the 2006 Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award, a very much deserved title for her. I tear up even thinking about how proud her mom would be about her accomplishments in life. The games, the booths, the funny gaming (chicken poop, bowling for game hens ect.) Thank you community members that volunteered your time so that everyone could come and share our unique spirit. Thank you to all our donators for the raffle, we could thank until we were blue.......all of this could not happen without all of you!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cabin Fever Reliever

Come on out for Cabin Fever Reliever . A day of fun and games for the entire family....The community pancake feed and Nordic ski race have already taken place but you still have time to make it to the parade at the community park followed by food, fun, games, chili cook off, bake off, art display and a chance to visit with all your friends... top this off with a spaghetti feed tonight followed by poker and darts.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Trapper Creek Ambulance

Here is your chance to learn new skills and help your community! An EMT I class is scheduled to begin March 16th and will be finished in mid-May. Classes will be held at the Sunshine fire & ambulance station. To sign up call Sally Leatherman, Mat-Su Borough Volunteer coordinator at 373-8813 or Lynn Moore, Trapper Creek ambulance chief at 733-1755.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Trapper Creek Community Council

Anyone interested in being appointed to fill a term on the Trapper Creek Community Council contact Norwood Marsh @ 733-1679. Term will expire in 2007.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Trapper Creek Community Services

Trapper Creek Community Services
Look for our posters....Cabin Fever Kick off for the kids!!!!!!!!! Trapper Creek Elementary School, Friday March 10. 5-9 pm
Youth Group gathering/Recreational activities, music, crafts, free-skate, goodies and who knows what else. $1 gets you in, all money goes towards TCCS scholarship. We will have goodies to sell, so bring your pocket change, parents are asked to attend. Hosted by Trapper Creek Recreation Association.

Trapper Creek PTA

Trapper Creek Elementary
Congradulations to our local guy, Jeslie Hill!!!!!!! He will be representing Trapper Creek Elementary School for our State Spelling Bee. Great job, Jeslie.

Trapper Creek Recreation Association

Trapper Creek Recreation Association
Just a quick post to let you all know what is scheduled for March. After 3 great months of Karate, this class has been canceled because of low attendance. So I am scheduling other classes for these times. Starting Monday, March 13, I am starting a later workout class, 7-9 pm, for those people that can't make the usual Wednesday workout 4:30-5:30. Anyone that is interested come and share your workout materials (tapes ect.) or let me know what you would like and I can get these tapes for us. Also Saturdays, starting after Cabin Fever, Open gym for adults 7-9, We will be alternating saturdays with Free-skate, both of these is considered a single activity so the $10 registration fee covers both. I will keep you posted. As always a $10 community enrichment fee applies to any class, but the one time payment goes thru the end of May. Burnu Watkins will be having a Gardening Class March 17 @ TC Elem also there is a $5 registration fee for this class. Call me for info or is you are interested in hosting an activity. 7332640

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trapper Creek Nordic Ski Club Meeting

When: Monday, March 6, 2006 beginning @6:00-ending @7:00 pm
Where: Alaska's Northland Inn, Mile 0.8 Petersville Road, Trapper Creek
Why: Activities and clinic discussion, Trapper Creek Cabin Fever Ski Race information, tips, trail locations and conditions.
Everyone is welcome!
Refreshments will be served
For information call Debbie Filter @ 733-7377